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Power School Parent is an online way for you to stay informed about your student's grades. You can see the teacher's score sheet for each subject and be aware of their current grade status for each subject. A unique feature that you can set up, is to have Power School send you "Email Notifications" which will send reminders to check your student's grades on a weekly or monthly basis. Documents to help with troubleshooting Power School, can be found below.
Volunteer Criminal Record Check
An adult wishing to volunteer in their child's classroom or be a field trip chaperone must obtain a criminal record check.

To obtain a Criminal Record Check:
Go to the Anderson Police Department if you live within Anderson's city limits or to the local Sheriff's Department if you live outside the city limits. Let them know you are getting the record check to participate in Anderson Community Schools' activities. There may be a small fee.

If you live in another city, go to the police department that services your district.
Take the records check with you to the Anderson Community Schools Administration Building located at 1600 Hillcrest Avenue, [the former Forest Hills Elementary School]. The staff in the Reception / Human Resources area will run the state record and sex offender registry checks. Sometimes that can be done while you wait.

When approved, you will be given a form to take to your child's school.

A new background check must be submitted each school year.
Parents, please make sure to check out the Documents section of our website. You will find helpful information about dress code, student handbook, immunization, and Power School troubleshooting.
 Bus Information

Please visit the following website, Web Query, to help determine the available bus stops for your student.
Closing / Delay Procedures
During the months when inclement weather may be affect the normal operation of schools, we must be prepared with a plan of action to ensure the safety of students and staff.
  • School Delay/Closing - A.M.
    A decision to delay the start of school or to close school will be made no later than 5:00 a.m. The delay or closing announcements will be made on the local radio and TV stations. Please listen to the radio or TV for school information.  Please do not call the transportation office or the individual schools. We have a system which calls all home telephone numbers in our student enrollment system.


    It is IMPERATIVE to keep the school updated with any new telephone or address information so you will receive a call from the system informing you of delays or closings. 

  • Bus Routes
    When school is open, bus drivers will attempt to make all the regularly scheduled runs and stops.  However, drivers must use their judgement to determine if parts of the route cannot be traveled due to heavy snow drifts, blocked roads, or road passages being too narrow. Please have students dressed in accordance with the weather just in case the weather or road conditions cause some delays. The students may be asked to walk to the closest main road to board their bus.
  • Early Dismissal
    In the event that school must be dismissed early, each student should know how to get into the home or know where he/she should report. An emergency early release plan should be on file with the student's school for each student.  The announcement to close early will be on the local radio stations.  Rather than students using the school phone, please make arrangements prior to the event of an early dismissal. 
  • Channels & Websites to Watch
    Channel 6 - RTV6
    Channel 8 - WISH-TV
    Channel 13 - WTHR-TV
  • McKenney-Vento Assistance Program for Homeless Children

McKenney-Vento Assistance Program for Homeless Children


The McKinney-Vento Act was created by Congress to allow students to stay in their current school or enroll in a school when school records can not be completed due to homelessness.  The goal if this federal act is to ensure the enrollment, attendance, and success of homeless children in school. 


Potential homeless situations faced by students:

+Living with a friend, relative or someone else because they lost home or cannot afford a home

+Staying in a motel or hotel

+Living in an emergency, transitional, or domestic violence shelter

+Staying in substandard housing

+Living in a car, park, public place, abandoned building, or bus/train station

+Awaiting foster care placement

+Living in a campground or inadequate trailer home

+Abandoned in a hospital

+Living in a runaway or homeless youth shelter




+Your child has the right to go to school, no matter where you live or how long you have lived there.  Your child must be given access to the same public education, including preschool that is provided to other children.

+Your child has the right to stay in the school that he or she was attending before becoming homeless or the school that he or she last attended, if that is your choice and it is feasible.

+Your child has the right to be enrolled in school immediately, even if you do not have all the paperwork; such as, his/her school or medical records. 

+You do not have to provide the school with proof of address.

+Your child has the right to be provided with transportation to and from school until you get permanent housing.

+Your child has the right to the same special programs and services that are provided to other children, including special education, migrant education, and vocational education.

+Your child cannot be separated from the mainstream school environment because he or she is homeless.


Questions-  Call  Sharon Buchanan at 765-641-2119 or Angie Vickery  765-641-2126